Some good news from the Balearic Government over Covid-19 restrictions

Minister Negueruela
Minister Negueruela Credit: CAIB

SOME good news from the Balearic Government over Covid-19 restrictions as spokesman says there are no new measures being actively considered.

HAVING implemented some of the strictest measures to battle the pandemic, there has been some fear that with the small but regular increase in Covid-19 infections that the Balearic Government might be tempted to act swiftly.

The good news, last Monday, November 15 was a statement made by Government spokesman and minister Iago Negueruela in which he referred specifically to this matter and gave considerable reassurance although naturally, things could change in the future.


He confirmed that the Government had observed the problems that neighbouring countries were experiencing with an apparent spike in illness but he confirmed that the Executive Council has no plans at this stage to bring in new restrictions despite the increase in cases.

Whilst Menorca is at level 0, the other three main islands including the one with the largest population, Mallorca, were still just at level 1 so whilst still promoting ongoing vaccination for any who have not been inoculated, he believed that the islands continue to be a safe destination for visitors.

As a final note, Negueruela looked forward to a better Christmas than the last one.

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