46% want all people forced to get vaccinated in Spain

46% want all people forced to get vaccinated in Spain
46% want all people forced to get vaccinated in Spain

46 per cent want “all people” in Spain forced to get vaccinated against Covid, even against their will.

Almost half of Spaniards believe that vaccination against Covid should be mandatory for “all people” and that the jabs should be administered even against their will.

This was pointed out by the CIS barometer published today, November 17, where 46.2 per cent of those surveyed said that “everyone should be forced to get vaccinated” against the virus, “even if they did not want to.”


An additional 27 per cent consider that the obligation should depend on the cases, while 22.9 per cent believe that “no one should be forced.”

The remaining 3.9 per cent do not know or do not give an answer.

67.3 per cent of those who do not support compulsory vaccination, in general, would want it imposed by law for health workers, those who work in nursing homes and those who have “direct professional relationships with the general public.”

In addition, the CIS asked about the measures against the virus that are currently in force. Two out of every five Spaniards (41.3 per cent) believe that they should remain as they are at present, however, more people wish to relax them (33.2 per cent) than those who want to toughen them to combat the rise in infections (21.6 per cent.)

Among those who want stricter measures, 95.6 per cent want mandatory use of masks indoors, 82.9 per cent would support the Covid passport, and 70.7 per cent would support being able to trace infections.

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    • Exactly! As well as all the lies they tell us, they also manipulate the surveys. I am sick and tired of all of this Corona and “vaccine” (which isn’t even a vaccine, but a gen therapy!)

  1. So we are supposed to believe that most people want everyone jabbed by this foreign substance even though it clearly does not work, otherwise why 2 jabs , then 3, ? 4. When the long term effects are known and only 2 doses of a more safe substance are produced, then it might be an idea. But until then, leave well alone

    • Join the club! And I hear so many the same around me that I wonder if so many people got so stupid to get that gen therapy as they make us believe. Not a single main stream media is telling the facts!

  2. The main problem is people who contracted the virus whilst waiting for the so called “vaccine” to be formulated and also then whilst they waited for their respected age group to be jabbed, and survived (99%) will have natural immunity, like I reported earlier on a similar topic, the old Alpha vaccine is outdated against Delta variants or others that will manifest later. Why would a person who’s immune system has saved them from the virus, then have the jab and destroy their immune system for an outdated vaccine that failes to do the job over time? like flue jabs these formulationshave to be altered year on year to adapt to NEW strains.A anti body test is a lot clearer to monitor society but then again there wont be large kick backs from the big Pharms companies!!


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