Torremolinos elderly can obtain discounts on Christmas toy purchases

Promoting the Christmas discounts
Promoting the Christmas discounts Credit: Torremolinos Council

TORREMOLINOS elderly can obtain discounts on Christmas toy purchases for grandchildren with 10 per cent discounts as part of Mayor Activo campaign.

The Councillor for the Elderly, Carmen García, announced this as she visited the toy store ‘Centro Juguetes Torremolinos’ thus ensuring that those older people who are looking for gifts for their grandchildren can obtain discounts in local stores.

“With this agreement, the elderly will be able to have a 10 per cent discount on purchases made during Christmas, thus promoting economic activity in the municipality,” said Carmen García.


Carlos Crespi, owner of Centro Juguetes, observed and thanked the council for “the collaboration with businesses in the municipality, with which we can all benefit from it. Both those who come to buy and have a discount, as we do for being able to energize the store and fight against the rise of the internet, thus supporting local commerce.”

Residents of the municipality may obtain the Mayor Activo card by going in person to the El Pozuelo senior centre or order it by calling at 9523 714 86 or 951 764 861.

This is an ongoing promotion with various discounts for different items inspired by a wish to ensure that businesses in Torremolinos are able to continue to offer a personal service to clients.

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