Home insurance from Golden Leaves

Home insurance from Golden Leaves
Home insurance from Golden Leaves. Image: Wikimedia

THE experts at Golden Leaves are able to help expats in Spain with everything from pre-paid funeral plans to creating a will and providing all types of insurance.


In association with its expert partners, Golden Leaves is able to provide advice and products to aid in the insurance of your buildings, contents, and valuable possessions in Spain with different options to suit you.

Underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, the world’s leading insurance market, they offer tailor-made policies to suit your needs as well as worldwide, all-risks cover available for personal effects and valuables on permanent residences.


Golden Leaves´ policies also include discounts for direct alarms connected to a security firm and multi-property policies, as well as cover for accidental damage on your home entertainment equipment as standard.

They also offer multi-policy discounts and up to 15 per cent no-claims discount.

Alongside home insurance, Golden Leaves also offers all other types of insurance, including car insurance.

In association with its partners, Golden Leaves International can offer cover for cars, vans and 4 × 4’s registered in Gibraltar, Spain or the UK that are located in Gibraltar or Spain.

If you choose to purchase car insurance, your car will be covered for driving in Gibraltar and Spain, while they offer competitive premiums and named drivers earn-claims discount.

They also provided special rates for customers aged over 40, as well as multi-policy discounts, flexible payment options, protected, no-claims bonuses, 90 day green card for European cover, and up to 70 per cent no-claims discount.

Also, receive up to €20,000 personal injury benefit for the policy-Holder.

They can also offer health insurance to cover your medical needs while in Spain.

Many people who move abroad are worried about what will happen if they become ill and cannot understand the language.

When you choose a private health insurance plan with Golden Leaves, you will be covered for your medical needs, and you are able to select an English-speaking doctor from the scores of medical professionals who have chosen to work with the company. Referrals to English-speaking specialists are made quicker and easier to arrange, and the staff at Golden Leaves International will be on hand to help you every step of the way.

They will let you know in advance if there are any exclusions in your insurance, so you know precisely what cover you have.

For every new customer, health checks come as an automatic bonus as soon as you sign up, and children can be covered independently or as a part of the competitively-priced family packages.

The insurance also automatically offers some free dental care, including check-ups and extractions. In addition to first-rate customer care, it offers multiple bonuses that makes stand out from every other private Healthcare company in Spain.

So why not get in touch with Golden Leaves International to cover everything from your home to your car and health?

To find out more about Golden Leaves Funeral Plans and how they can meet your needs, visit their website or contact them.

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