Golden Leaves name in lights for testimonials

Golden Leaves name in lights for testimonials
Golden Leaves name in lights for testimonials. Image: EWN

GOLDEN LEAVES were at the centre of an exciting filming campaign on Wednesday, November 10, capturing personal testimonials from some of its many satisfied funeral plan clients.

Bringing in the media experts from Aspire Digital Media, Golden Leaves hosted a day of lights, camera and action at its head office in Javea, with both staff and clients taking part to share their testimonials of the company.

The experts at London-based company Aspire Digital Media founder Darren Simons and creative director Luke Hill began by filming testimonials from clients before asking staff to also share their expertise and roles at the company.


One woman, LQ, was interviewed first, speaking movingly about why she had taken out a Golden Leaves plan.

She told seasoned presenter Darren that she and her husband had chosen a Golden Leaves funeral plan after he was diagnosed with Parkinson´s.

She said that his illness had forced the travel-loving couple to reconsider their lives, making sure to plan ahead to protect their loved ones from having to plan a funeral, and allowing them to get on with enjoy their travels.

Next, Duncan from near Denia spoke about his reasons for choosing a plan, saying that he did not want his family to have to plan a funeral abroad.

Client BC also added his testimonial saying that he had taken out his plan because he did not want his loved ones to have to plan his funeral.  He also spoke about the highly personal service he had received at Golden Leaves and explained that they had answered all his concerns when going through his plan.

Finally, MS spoke said that she had taken out a Golden Leaves plan because of her age and had wanted to put together her plan so her family in the UK did not have to do it for her.

Following the testimonials, it was the turn of International Operations Director Emma Quantrill to share the knowledge that comes from six years with the company.

Emma spoke about the service Golden Leaves offers and her role in the company. Her team, Haylee Roebuck and Victoria Appleton, also spoke to detail their own work with Golden Leaves.

Victoria later went on the answer some of the most frequently asked questions that clients have when they come to Golden Leaves.

Speaking about the filming, Darren told the Euro Weekly News: “We´ve been training presenters and filming as a London based company for 15 years. Making people look good on camera is what we specialise in.”

His colleague, Luke, added: “We loved working with Golden Leaves and local community run companies who make such a difference.

“It´s been great working with a very successful business in the community and see clients talk about their experience with the company.”

Darren said: “More people are now using video to get their businesses across and for Facebook and elsewhere online and it´s get a great way to get what you want across to the community.

“It´s also lovely to see the community coming together.”


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