Thank you, Amelio

Thank you, Amelio
DESERVED RECOGNITION: Amelio Martinez Perez during the inauguration Photo credit: Pilar de la Horadada town hall

PILAR DE LA HORADADA now has a park named after 90-year-old resident Amelio Martinez Perez.

“Amelio has contributed to developing Pilar’s society, taking part in the Residents’ Association that was created in 1978 and promoting the provincial Partidge Fair which he organised for 18 years,” Pilar’s mayor Jose Maria Perez Sanchez said.

“Amelio is a neighbour who has been involved in local life as much as possible, always transmitting respect, honesty, tolerance and justice,” he continued. “The Corporation believes he deserves recognition for the dedication, time and effort he has consistently given to Pilar residents for so long.”


The Residents’ Association, led by Amelio, fought to address deficiencies in the town’s health, structural and education services amongst other issues, the mayor recalled.

“At the time he was also brave enough to object to the terms of the 1986 decree separating Pilar de la Horada from Orihuela, as residents did not agree with the territorial limits,” he said.

Headed by Amelio, they argued that the coastal area between Mojon and Torrevieja belonged to Pilar but although the appeal reached the Supreme Court, the tribunal eventually dismissed the claim.

“Amelio Martinez Perez has invigorated the neighbourhood movement as well as Pilar de la Horadada’s social life, and always with the town’s best interests at heart,” Perez Sanchez concluded.

Linda came to Spain to live when she was 24, just over 52 years ago, and her husband is Spanish. She began writing for English-language local newspapers in the mid-1970s and hasn’t stopped since! She leads a Spanish life, which she believes is vital when conveying the news to English-speaking residents, and along the way she produced two editions of Expand Your Spanish, helping English-speakers to enlarge their knowledge of the language. She was excited to be in at the birth of the Euro Weekly News in 1999 and is still passionately writing for the paper 22 years later.


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