French business builds in Spain as Madrid company looks to Romania

New Decathlon Hub
New Decathlon Hub Credit: Twitter

FRENCH business builds in Spain as Madrid company looks to Romania to set up data centre using cheap electricity and university-trained staff.

Decathlon expands

THE French sports equipment distribution company Decathlon has opened a new continental warehouse in Barcelona which cost €53.4 million to build in just 14 months despite the pandemic.


This centre has been developed using latest Building information modelling (BIM) technology, following the strict criteria of energy efficiency, sustainability and healthy working conditions.

The elements used include PV solar panels for self-consumption, an integrated building management system to control the artificial lighting through adjustable low-consumption LEDs with presence sensors, and construction materials respectful of the carbon footprint.

Already 51 new employees have been added to the payroll with a further 20 due to be recruited shortly.

Looking East

THE mayor of Romanian town Resita is excited by the fact that he has been approached by a Madrid based IT company which is considering opening a data centre in the town’s industrial estate.

According to the mayor, one of the major factors in deciding whether to open there is the availability of large amounts of electricity as well as easy access to the internet, both of which are possible.

Many university graduates have moved out of the town to obtain reasonably paid jobs but the company has indicated that it will look to employ around 100 local staff and pay above the minimum wage.

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