Written in stone

Written in stone
MACAEL AWARD: Juanma Moreno with Macael mayor Raul Martinez Requejo Photo credit: Macael town hall

JUNTA president Juanma Moreno stressed in Macael that Andalucia is capable of emerging from the pandemic with greater strength.

Moreno cited the importance of innovation, digitisation, export capacity and competitivity in achieving this without delay and in the best possible conditions.

The regional president was speaking during his visit to the marble-producing town for the 34th edition of the Macael Awards, where he accepted the Junta de Andalucia’s prize.


Moreno declared out that the award should be extended to all members of the regional government as well as “each and every” public sector employee striving to achieve the Junta’s objectives.

He also highlighted the efforts made by the marble industry, commenting that the Macael Awards should have been held last year although the pandemic prevented this.

“The fact that we are here today is an injection of optimism and a sign of revitalisation,” Moreno said.

The region was gradually returning to normal thanks to a huge collective undertaking that was testing Andalucia’s capacity, responsibility and adaptability, the regional president continued.

“During the harshest months of the crisis we shared our worries and efforts but also hope and gratitude,” Moreno said.

“We expressed this with the exquisite applauding hands now seen in Andalucia’s eight provinces,” Moreno said, referring to the sculpture-homages to the region’s health professionals and essential workers.

“They are made from the solidarity, collaboration and white gold of this land,” he declared, thanking Macael’s businesses owners for their “generous and enthusiastic” participation in the initiative.

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