Polls reveal voters want to reverse Brexit

Polls reveal voters want to reverse Brexit
Polls reveal voters want to reverse Brexit. image: flickr

Polls reveal voters want to reverse Brexit

The results of a recent survey by Savanta ComRes show that voters in Britain now want to rejoin the EU. The 2016 referendum figures are reversed, with 53 per cent now wanting to be a part of the European Union, while 47 per cent are for staying out.

Shortages of goods since Brexit, and the continual arguments with Brussels were two of the main reasons given for the change of heart. Results showed that on average, one out of every ten Leave voters would now reverse their decision to Remain. Asked about holding a new referendum within the next five years, 40 per cent of those polled, said yes.


Not even twelve months after Brexit, this is the second such survey to produce the same result, with a six-point margin each time. Savanta ComRes said that even with no particular political party pushing for it, the results showed “momentum shifting towards a majority who would now vote to rejoin the EU”.

As head of research, Chris Hopkins, explained, “Issues such as disrupted supply chains, and spats with fellow European leaders over fishing, and vaccines, may have cut through, although the results are still on a knife-edge”, adding, “The Brexit story isn’t going away any time soon”.

Hopkins highlighted the high percentage (77%) in the 18 to 34 years bracket who supported rejoining. Strikingly, of the people who never voted in 2016, 80 per cent of them said they would now vote to remain in the bloc.

“All eyes will be on those who did not vote in 2016, and younger voters who may have not had the opportunity to, who are both overwhelmingly in favour of the UK becoming a member again”, said Hopkins.

A lot of facts and figures are appearing the show that Brexit has caused economic harm. The Office for Budget Responsibility has already reported that GDP will fall by 4 per cent. That apparently is twice the loss from the Covid pandemic, as reported by independent.co.uk.


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  1. BREXIT was the best thing Britain could have done for itself. People are crazy if they think the supply chain and other issues mentioned were caused by leaving the EU. Supply chain problems are happening worldwide which should tell a thinking person that something else is going on. Further, the other economic issues are most likely related to the extreme COVID lockdowns and other things related to the insane way government handled the PLANdemic. Do people not see this is all by design?? Look around and if you see the same pattern happening in other countries around the world then it’s not BREXIT that has created the mess.

  2. I think anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to rejoin the EU needs to study European newspapers and see what an economic mess it’s in and how individual countries do not want to lose their sovernity. Wait to see how the new German government will react to not taking firm control over inflation by raising interest rates and if that should be done, then how the southern European countries would suffer. The EU will break up so why would anyone want to enter a house that’s on fire. Most of the problems the UK is facing from the EU is their desire to make it as unpleasant as possible as they’re scared that others will follow and leave and they will, just wait and see how borderline staying or leaving is in most countries that pay in and even those that receive Hugh amounts if you look at Poland. Revert back to a trading block only and it will all work fine.

  3. leaving the Eu was the worst thing we have done a lot dont see it but from a lot of transporters it is all the paper work that’s needs to be done and when you move some ones house to any EU country you have to pay vat i moved a customer to the Eu and the cost that was put on her stuff was £12000 and she had to pay £2200 vat on her Owen stuff


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