Netherlands riots start again as another Covid lockdown begins

Netherlands Riots
Image: Pixabay

Water cannons are used against the Dutch protesters at the Netherlands riots

Covid restrictions are due to begin again in the Netherlands and hundreds of people came out in force to protest against them. Demonstrators at the Netherlands riots threw stones and fireworks in anger at the new measures before riot police came to disperse them. 

There were around 200 protestors gathered outside the justice and security ministry in The Hague. Inside, Prime Minister Mark Rutte was holding a press conference to announce the new rules and restrictions being brought in amid rising cases in the country. Video footage taken on the street shows a large group holding up placards and posters while bracing for the impact of the water. The police then turned the huge jets onto them as the protesters shouted and yelled. 

Later in the evening, there was violence as bicycles and road signs were thrown at officers who were striking fleeing protesters with batons and shields. Fireworks and rocks were also thrown in the ensuing flare-up. 


The Netherlands riots are retaliating against the reintroduction of Covid restrictions. The measures are being brought back into play due to record levels of coronavirus cases in the past week. The country recorded its highest ever daily infection count on Friday with 16,204 cases reported. 

Rutte said last night: “We must reduce the number of contacts and infections as fast as possible. Tonight we are bringing a very unpleasant message, with very unpleasant and far-reaching measures. The virus is everywhere and needs to be combated everywhere. I want every Dutch citizen to be asking, can I do more? Can I do better? We had hoped with the vaccines we wouldn’t have to do this, but we see the same situation all across Europe”. He added: “Fortunately, the vast majority have been vaccinated, otherwise the misery in the hospitals would be incalculable at the moment.”

The Netherlands scrapped most of its measures in late September, has now become the first country in western Europe to reintroduce lockdown restrictions this winter. Boris Johnson said in a press conference yesterday that Covid “storm clouds are gathering” in what many believe to be a strong indication of Covid measures coming back to the UK also.

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  1. If lockdowns worked we would have already gotten rid of the virus. They don’t work. Early treatment works. Cases do not equal deaths. The death rate has stayed at around 1% of those infected with the majority of deaths coming from the 70’s, 80’s and above elderly population and those with comormidities or health issues.

  2. CCW60 is right. Political over-reaction to show they are ‘doing something’. What was the point of the vaccines? We have to live with this virus like we live with flu. The only figures that matter are hospitalisations, not cases. Most of the people testing positive have no ill effects because of the vaccines, and those that do aremostly unvaccinated, which is their choice. We cannot just keep falling back on lockdowns for ever, it is madness.


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