Weslee Andrews: Introduces Micro Electric Vehicles To The UK Market

Weslee Andrews: Introduces Micro Electric Vehicles To The UK Market

The electric car market is a rapidly growing one in the UK: May 2021 recorded nearly 300,000 pure-electric cars on the roads, and more than double that in plug-in models. Sales of EVs are growing with strength due to the trifold support of increasing consumer demand, greater vehicle availability and more entrenched government support.

Weslee Andrews is an entrepreneur and philanthropist with a Ph.D. in biotechnology science who has recently announced the launch of his micro-electric car model to be sold within the UK and European markets. He is hoping that his addition will nurture and bolster the EV market during this phase of growth it is currently experiencing since the car will be widely available to consumers as a result of its affordable price.

Electric Vehicles In The UK

The electric vehicle market in the UK is assuredly growing in size – over 600,000 plug-in vehicles (300,000 of which were pure-electric) were registered in August 2021. Furthermore, the greatest increase in registrations took place last year with a growth of 66% since 2019. Surprisingly, even despite the impact of COVID-19 holistically across all industries, the EV market still remained strong.


This strength is even reflected in the number of EVs as a proportion of all new vehicles, a stat that showed a significant increase last year alone. A mere 1% of new vehicles registered in 2015 were EVs, but this number had tripled by the end of 2019 and more than tripled again by the end of 2020. These numbers bode well, as they indicate a simultaneous decline in the sale of traditional vehicles that is accompanying this increase in demand for EVs.

How Weslee’s EV Fits In

Being extremely passionate about the clean energy sector, Andrews graduated university with a motivation to meaningfully improve this world. With his recent efforts to emerge within the EV market, Weslee has produced one of the first electric cars to be affordable and accessible to all – a great step in normalising the adoption of these types of cars. The production of these vehicles is sure to shake up the established order of popularity

According to research by the Department for Transport figures, the most popular electric vehicle as of June 2020 was the Mitsubishi’s Outlander PHEV. It has been the best-selling EV in the past five years, with over 45,000 cars sold, and is not even closely trailed by the runner up – Nissan Leaf. The next most popular EV after this is the BMW 330e.

Be that as it may, the Tesla Model 3 has completely shaken the market outside of this. Following its release in the middle of 2019, it has since reached fourth place in terms of total cumulative unit sales. Weslee Andrews’s micro electric car is expected to have an impact comparable to Tesla’s, only magnified due to the different target demographics of the products. Tesla’s prices are distinctively higher, which allows Weslee’s EV to appeal to a broader group of people.

Not only this, Weslee has indicated his ambition to pursue a political role in the UK government, ideally hoping to develop investment from abroad through reinforcing ties between nations and establishing potential trade agreements as foreign minister. For this reason, it is likely for Weslee to become a significant proponent of the adoption of EVs, both through his production of what will likely become one of the most popular in the market, and his political efforts to increase adoption.

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

The rise of electric vehicles in the UK and other major economies has a major positive effect on the environment, primarily because the use of sustainable EVs results in a decrease in the emission of carbon dioxide. This benefit will be felt across entire nations, but particularly in built up cities and towns where less clean air is more prevalent as a result of car emissions.

Concluding Statement

The introduction of Weslee Andrews’s micro electric vehicles to the UK market is an extremely significant event that is likely to further propel the industry forward in its upward trajectory. In a similar vein to how Tesla completely turned the industry upside down with its innovations in the EV market, Weslee’s upcoming release of his micro EV is predicted to produce an even greater reaction as a result of its increased affordability.


  1. I fully agree with Dr Weslee point of view specially that the EV will be affordable to most people
    I also encourage Dr weslee to launch the sale in the USA market due to the demand in many States
    I wish him All the best


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