This horrible ageing process


Just lately I hear the word phobic used a lot and I’m not sure that everybody is actually using it for the right reason or context. Phobic means scared or frightened of something like spiders, heights or flying – you get my point.

So originally it did describe a fear, but then people have started to use the word in a broader sense to include all kinds of aversions and discrimination. So technically the way people use the word today is incorrect. It’s chucked about every time someone disagrees with anyone from a minority group. People are not scared of them, they may just disagree with some of the things they are hearing or reading, but you are no longer allowed your own point of view.

I watched Dave Chappelle’s show which he has taken a lot stick for and been accused of bring transphobic. Quite a few even tried to get him banned from Netflix.


Comedians have to be allowed to joke about stuff and a lot of the time it’s not malicious. Chappelle makes harsh jokes about many different groups, which is his style, and a reason his fans love his comedy and commentary.

Folks can’t keep cancelling people, it’s getting ridiculous. I also like Ricky Gervais and a lot of his stuff on stage is considered, by some, taboo, but it’s the way he delivers it that makes it funny .

Anyone else noticed that in the UK when the weather is wet and windy, cold and miserable, the climate protesters stay home? I went to wear a jacket for the first time this year and the sleeves were too long.

I then tried on two more and they were the same. How does that happen? Have my arms got shorter? The simple answer is I don’t know what’s happening. Maybe it’s this horrible ageing process. My hair is thinning on my head but not up my nose, ears, eyebrows, toes and knuckles where it grows at a ridiculous rate these days.

Bacon is a type of cured pork made from different cuts of a pig. It can be smoked or not and is used for all sorts of things. I like mine with eggs or a nice crusty bread to make a bacon sandwich with ketchup. So therefore Richmond’s advert on TV for meat free bacon is a load of codswallop and should not be allowed!! It’s smoked tofu and should be sold as such.

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