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Greta Thunberg
Greta Thunberg.

WHAT a self-righteous piece of work that Greta Thunberg appears to be. Some of the rhetoric spouted by this young Swede does appear to contain more than a tinge of hypocrisy.

“Your generation and generations before you have robbed me of my childhood,” she screams for her adoring pubescent fans – a bunch of school-dodging children, who are no doubt toting mobile phones in backpacks full of canned colas, plastic bottles, and wallets with enough parental money to purchase their fast food and deep-fried Mars bars just as soon as the protest is over.

‘’How dare you,” she rants on. “My planet is dying, and you are letting it happen.” The promoting of this over-the-top, heavily scripted diatribe, in the close vicinity of a venue where world leaders are discussing how they can combat this very problem is not a random occurrence. Not being in the category of world leaders, she wasn’t invited. Almost certainly smarting under her exclusion, this egotistical activist simply had to make sure she hadn’t been forgotten.


After all, both her and her adult controllers wouldn’t want the source of their lucrative enterprise to be determined without at least some input from their star investment. They probably don’t want it resolved at all. ‘Killing the golden goose’ comes to mind! So, what about her adoring young ‘fans’?

One statement that emerged made me chuckle. Apparently one of their teachers agreed that the children had a right to protest, but instead of missing lessons, would it not be better to do it at the weekend? Ha! Frankly a teacher with this level of naivety shouldn’t even be in the juvenile ballpark.

And just how clued up are these young demonstrators? One nine or 10-year-old I saw interviewed on camera, was excitedly jumping up and down shouting for politicians to ‘save the planet’ and demanding ‘action’ and ‘equality.’ Er – equality? Sorry love, I think that’s the other lot, gluing themselves to the tarmac down the road. If all wasn’t so annoying it would be funny.

Truth of the matter is the spoiled youngsters of today are the worst polluters the planet has ever seen. With their mobile phones, computer games, air conditioning, limitless use of plastic, one-off designer outfits and inability to walk just about anywhere, they are feeding the insatiable CO2 spewing industries of the earth like never before.

By comparison our generations were greener than the abundant grass we trod on! Just about everything we used was recycled; from milk bottles to shopping bags and horse manure.

Nope, I’m afraid it’s time this generation all went back to being children. Enjoy the gloriously innocent and irresponsible period in a lifecycle which will never pass your way again. I know adults are not the most illustrious example to follow, but their troubles will become yours soon enough.

Keep the faith.

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