New payment system for Spanish roads revealed

New payment system for Spanish roads revealed
New payment system for Spanish roads revealed. image: twitter

New payment system for Spanish roads revealed

From January 2023 driving for free on Spanish roads will come to an end. As a result of the plan sent by the government of Pedro Sanchez to Brussels this summer, driving on these roads will finance the conservation of the road system.

It is a change that has drawn harsh criticism from various sectors, especially lorry drivers. They appear to be the drivers who will suffer most from these new rates, and some associations have denounced the consequences that a reduction of lorries on the roads could have.

Although the Ministry of Transport initially had doubts about which model to operate, the newspaper El Confidencial has revealed the new methodology that will be implemented in Spain.


The first change to be introduced is that of a vignette on vehicles. From January 2023 all cars driving on Spanish roads will need this sticker, after first paying a fixed amount to obtain it. This will give the driver access to the Spanish high-speed roads.

This vignette system will be provisional, because the government’s ultimate objective is to implement the system that was already leaked in the summer, which involves paying per kilometre. One kilometre, one cent. With this formula, the Government will finance the road systems.

Due to the logistical problems and great complexity involved in being able to control this type of system, it will be implemented at a later date. The Government hopes to start working on this next year, and should have a roadmap drawn up before the end of the legislature.

These two steps that the executive plans to follow will mark the long-term future of mobility in Spain. It would appear that no matter what happens, the plan is set to go ahead in 2023. Drivers must obtain their sticker to drive on the Spanish road network. Although it has not been specified how, those who do not, will be fined, as reported by


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  1. Usual rubbish to milk the drivers of more money, It was my impression that tax duty emposed on each litre of fuel was there to finance & upkeep the road network! I don’t see any information as to the scapping of fuel duty in Jan 2023 being replaced by this new wave of charges!

  2. This is another “Tax” invented in Brussels, they have waved an incentive of 80 billion euros at the Spanish government to implement this idea, of course, the revenue will go to Brussels for them to re-distribute out amongst the rest of the EU as they see fit!

  3. Just another stupid tax originating in Brussels by non-elected pompous twats making themselves look important…….just rubbish. The european community should be abolished and re-set back to the original intentions….I.e just a free trade area and ditch these faceless morons.


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