Remains of Civil War victims excavated at Manacor Cemetery

Work continues to uncover remains
Work continues to uncover remains Credit: Balearic Government

REMAINS of Civil War victims excavated at Manacor Cemetery Son Coletes during this second phase of work.

Specialists, analysing the remains believe that they have so far discovered 11 victims of the Spanish Civil War as their remains show gunshot wounds and most are part of one of two concentrations of remains in the cemetery.

The overall analysis indicates that these remains correspond to a minimum number of 41 adult individuals, of which nine have clear perimortem lesions (bone damage occurring at or near the time of death).


To these nine victims must be added the remains of two more, recently discovered in the same area, near the crypts and the next step will be to try to identify those discovered using DNA techniques.

Further digs will take place in order to see whether any other bones may be uncovered.

The General Directorate of Democratic Memory working in collaboration with Manacor Council will organise of guided tours on weekends, open to the general public with special attention to possible relatives.

The aim is to educate the population on how archaeologists, anthropologists and forensic scientists work in graves of victims of the Civil War.

In addition, a live broadcast of the dig can be followed on the YouTube channel at

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