Puerto Pollensa threatened by forest fire Sunday November 7

Scene from the fire
Scene from the fire Credit: Bombers de Mallorca

PUERTO POLLENSA threatened by forest fire on Sunday November 7 which broke out in the area of Coll de Siller.

A similar fire occurred in the same general area in 2017 but for Sunday’s blaze, strong winds made it very difficult for firefighters from the Mallorca Brigade and the Ibanat agency to bring it under control.

Officers and appliances from the fire brigades in Alcudia and Inca were joined by colleagues from the Balearic Institute of Nature (Ibanat) and found themselves fighting the blaze on two fronts, one which was heading towards Cala Sant Vicenç and the other towards Puerto Pollensa.


Although a small number of people were evacuated temporarily, the fires were brought under control and extinguished by the morning of Monday November 8 with no injuries reported.

Police now suspect that the original fire was started deliberately and the matter is being investigated as potential arson.

It was a busy weekend for the Mallorca Fire Brigade as the heavy winds didn’t just fan the flames of this fire, but officers were called out to some 25 incidents of fallen trees and damaged power lines across the island.

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