Palma adds six new on street sources of filtered water

One of the new street fountains
One of the new street fountains Credit: EMAYA

PALMA adds six new on street sources of filtered water through EMAYA as part of a plan to promote tap water consumption and reduce the use of plastic containers.

These six street fountains join 18 that already exist and there are plans to introduce more in 2022.

They have a filtration system similar to that of household appliances in order to improve their taste and are specially designed to fill reusable bottles and water bottles and some also have another outlet for dogs to drink from.


It is the aim of water EMAYA backed by the Palma Council to to encourage drinking of tap water which is constantly checked and analysed to ensure that it is pure, but they do recognise that filtration does make it more enjoyable to drink as any chemical taste is removed.

These new sources have been installed in:

Santa Catalina Market, Plaça de la Reina, Plaza del Marqués del Palmer, Avinguda de Sagrera, Carrer de Manacor and Carrer dels Germans Garcia Peñaranda but, before the end of the year, nine more fountains will be installed in Carrers de l’Heura, de l’Uruguai, de Sant Vicenç de Paül, de Vicenç Juan i Rosselló and the others in locations to be determined.

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