Work completed on the new Benahavis water reservoir

Celebrating the reservoir extension
Celebrating the reservoir extension Credit: Benahavis Council

WORK completed on the new Benahavis water reservoir at a cost of over €1 million in order to more than double its storage capacity.

The local water company Aguas de Benahavis accompanied by representatives of the local council held an official ceremony to announce the completion of the work on the Pueblo reservoir which means that some 2,600 residents in the centre of the town will enjoy a guaranteed water supply.

The new facility almost triples the drinking water storage capacity for area, from 550 m3 to 1,500 m3. at a final cost to the council of €1,060,961.14 which will not only ensure plenty of free-flowing water even at peak times but should cater for the future needs of residents for some time to come.


To extend the supply guarantee, the new reservoir also has two independent tanks, which will allow maintenance and cleaning work to be carried out without reducing or limiting the water supply to the population.

The manager of Aguas de Benahavis, Fulgencio Díaz, highlighted the success of public-private collaboration in actions of this type to improve the lives of residents, saying “This type of investment shows that public-private collaboration is a necessary lever to promote the development of the municipality”.

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