Britney’s mother claiming around €562,000 in legal expenses

Britney's mother claiming around €562,000 in legal expenses
Britney's mother claiming around €562,000 in legal expenses. image: twitter

Britney’s mother claiming around €562,000 in legal expenses

It has become more obvious today, Friday, November 5, why pop star Britney Spears attacked her mother Lynne as she did on Instagram. Britney claimed that it was her mother Lynne who had suggested to her father Jamie that she should be placed under guardianship. The singer accused her mother, on social media, of destroying her life.

This Monday 1, apparently documents were presented in which Lynne Spears’s lawyers request that those responsible for managing the singer’s assets pay her around €562,000. She is claiming this amount for alleged legal expenses incurred during her participation in the controversial guardianship case. Lynne also claimed that she has been supporting Britney in her struggle to rid herself of what she considers an excessively controlled life.

Representatives claim that the pop princess’s mother set out to find suitably qualified medical experts for her daughter in May 2019. Lynne later also advocated that Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, be forced to resign from his position. as legal guardian.


The documents also reveal that Lynne discussed at length with her daughter the possibility of joining the conservatorship as an interested party, and that Britney gladly accepted it. In fact, it was allegedly she who asked her mother to become involved in the case in any capacity, to “help her end her nightmare, and the crisis she was going through”.

To justify the aforementioned payment, Lynne reportedly claims that she has an outstanding invoice with lawyer Jones Swanson for $840,000 (€726,000), although he is willing to apply a 40 per cent discount to reduce it to $504,000 (€435,000).

She also apparently has another outstanding with the firm Ginzburg & Bronshteyn, to which she owes $146,548 (€126,684) in fees. All these financial matters will be debated in a court hearing on December 8, as reported by


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