The Pollensa Council is coming down hard on fly tippers

Clearing up the mess
Clearing up the mess Credit: Pollensa Council

THE Pollensa Council is coming down hard on fly tippers and has taken action against 55 people who have dumped waste or even cars in the streets of the municipality since 2020.

It has instructed the Local Police and the Municipal Services Company (EMSER), to investigate all breaches of environmental regulations and to take action against those responsible wherever possible.

No less than 13 disciplinary proceedings have been opened for abandoning vehicles on public roads (eight in 2020 and five in 2021) with fines of €900 being levied in respect of each abandoned vehicle.


The dumping of large amounts of industrial waste has seen fines ranging from €461.11 to €3,000 being imposed in eight cases whilst a further four residents were fined €300 each for improper disposal of manure or pruning debris with three cases still pending.

Other fines have been imposed for throwing dirty water onto the street or dropping rubble inside a solid waste container with other similar minor infringements still being processed.

Councillor Maria Buades, explained that one of the problems facing the Council is “the misuse that some people make of containers, either to leave the manure bags on the ground rather than depositing them in the containers, or leaving waste in the wrong container, such as packaging, glass, cardboard, etc.”

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