Go Fund Me Campaign for child in Palma with CNS

Young Hector is looking for help
Young Hector is looking for help Credit: Go Fund Me page

GO FUND ME Campaign for child in Palma with CNS (Congenital Anomaly of the Nervous System) to pay for daily therapies.

A friend of the family, María Isabel Ruiz Martinez has organised this fundraising to try to collect €15,000 for four-year-old Hector who is trying to learn to communicate and walk.

According to the statement on the website https://www.gofundme.com/f/una-mejor-vida-para-hctor, the boy was born with a virus known as Cytomegalovirus which medical staff allegedly didn’t realise but when the time came to discharge Hector, his parents were worried that he had developed purples blotches all over his body.


They insisted that there be a second opinion and it was then that his illness was diagnosed and he spent several months in a different hospital before returning home.

In the words of the post which explains as if he is speaking “I have known more therapy places than playgrounds, I know more about medical consultations in the hospital than being with children my age, I have done more physical therapy in my little life than many others in their long lives.”

Many have already donated to this special call for assistance as Hector has to have daily therapy which the family is paying for.

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