Corruption cash recouped

Corruption cash recouped
QUESTION TIME: Ximo Puig revealed that Generalitat is gradually recovering misappropriated public money Photo credit:

REGIONAL president Ximo Puig announced that the Generalitat has recovered €13.5 million linked to corruption cases.

The Generalitat’s Assets Recovery Office has launched legal proceedings on approximately 40 occasions “in defence of Valencian interests,” Puig revealed during a question-and-answer session in the regional parliament, Las Cortes.

“Corruption is the worst tax that Valencians have had to pay,” he declared.


Following court cases arising from the Fitur, Cooperacion, Emarsa and Terra Mitica scandals, €8.24 million of public money has now returned to the regional government.

Formalities are currently underway to recoup a further €5.3 million linked to the IVAM Institute of Modern Art scandal and, once again, Emarsa and Cooperacion which includes 21 properties, two of which are luxury apartments in Miami, a yacht – also in Miami – and four vehicles.


The regional president also revealed that another €4.2 million is likely to recovered from the court case that began this week, linked to IVAM’s purchase of fake works of art.

Progress is also being made on two more cases involving Haiti Hospital and arrangements for the visit of Pope Benedict XVI in 2006.

The Accounts Tribunal has yet to determine the amount involved in the Haiti case, but civil liability for the Pope’s visit has been set at €3.2 million.

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