Using solar power to recharge electric cars is the cheapest solution

Using solar power to recharge electric cars is the cheapest solution
Using solar power to recharge electric cars is the cheapest solution. image: canva

Using solar power to recharge electric cars is the cheapest solution

Electric cars have many economic advantages compared to their fossil fuel counterparts. Apart from the obvious, the purchase price, which is still significantly higher. They have less need for periodic maintenance, thanks to the elimination of certain components. The price it costs to recharge their batteries is also a lot cheaper than putting fuel.

Recent studies keep telling us the same results, that an electric vehicle is more profitable and cheaper in the medium and long term. But, new research by a Norwegian photovoltaic company Otovohas, has concluded that zero-emission cars can be even cheaper to use.


This Scandinavian company has investigated, and confirmed that if we charged our electric vehicles with solar energy, they would be up to 12 times more economically profitable than with fossil fuel.

Their calculations are even more attractive when compared to the cost of a trip in an electric car charged with solar energy. It claims that the price that would be one cent per kilometre, compared to the 10 cents that it would cost with a petrol vehicle.

The average annual savings calculated from using this type of renewable energy is estimated at €859 compared to combustion models. While drivers of petrol cars spend an average of €955.50 annually, owners of electric models recharged with solar energy would pay €95.55.

Recharging with solar energy would also help avoid the fluctuations in the price of electricity, which has been a huge protagonist in recent months. However, the cost of installing solar panels at home is a great investment that, although it is recovered over time, not all users are willing to spend, as reported by


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  1. There are so many holes in this ‘solution’ and disadvantages completely ignored it isn’t even funny. There are places on the earth where it is not practical to use solar to charge the very very EXPENSIVE batteries. Places where winter lasts at least 5 months out of the year when many or most of those days are filled with clouds and lack of sunlight. Further this would mean people could no longer park their cars in safe covered places because the solar panels would not be exposed to the sun to allow charging of the batteries. Or how about places where high winds, large hail in summer etc. would make it unsafe to drive such vehicles. There are stories of electric car ‘cemeteries’ where electric cars are dumped because they need new batteries and the cost of replacing the batteries was almost as much as buying a new car. I personally know of one such owner who was shocked to find out how much it was going to cost to replace the batteries which were only 3 years old and no warranty on how long they would last before needing replacing again. So before people jump on this ridiculous, costly idea, how about consider that there are inventors who invented ways for automobiles to run off WATER. Why aren’t we looking more into that as an option??? Ohhhh yes because globalist’s don’t get wealthy off of such ideas.

  2. Scroll down just a bit through the latest stories and find this one. “Austrian Defence Minister warns of possible power outage across Europe” “Klaudia Tanner, the Austrian Defence Minister has already given advance warning. After having supervised military manoeuvres and actions, there is a high possibility of an electrical blackout that will affect services such as computers, mobile phones, and electricity supplies in homes. The blackout would not only take place in Austria but would be widespread throughout Europe”

    ROTFLMAO! Yeah this electric car idea makes perfect sense!!!

  3. Electric cars clearly are not practical if you have to charge them by solar for many countries. Even down here in Spain what happens when there is rain for 5 days with no sun as is predicated this weekend? Even if you charge them from the grid, has anybody thought about how much pressure that will put overnight on the grid when most people are home and need to charge their cars all at the same time? It´s another crappy scam brought about by the fake climate change advocates – we all know who they are- the same people who want us to have vaccine passports and digital ID – the likes of Klaus Schwab and his ridiculous Great Reset – just another term for the Agenda 30, which wants us all off the land and living in smart cities, going nowhere because we have electric cars with limited capabilities, all eating fake synthesised food and taking their “vaccines” to keep us healthy. What a joke. Wake up people. This needs to end


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