Pet dog chews and swallows its owner’s false teeth in Wales

Pet dog chews and swallows its owner's false teeth in Wales
Pet dog chews and swallows its owner's false teeth in Wales. image: pxhere

A pet dog in Wales chews and swallows its owner’s false teeth

Jayne Haggett is a mother from Aberdare in South Wales whose pet dog is Barney, a brown one-year-old cocker spaniel. Right now, barney is really in the proverbial dog house, after he decided to eat and swallow his owner’s false teeth.

Jayne told WalesOnline how she had been to her local pub – The Beehive Inn, on Gadlys Street – the night before. Tucking into a packet of crisps, she took her dentures out and put them in her pocket. As soon as Jayne got home, she took her teeth from her pocket and placed them beside the bed before nodding off.

In the morning, reaching for her dentures, Jayne saw they were missing, and Barney the dog looks like he is the culprit. As Jayne explained, “Every night before bed I leave them in a little plastic pot on the kitchen worktop. But, come the next day, it was gone”.


She continued, “So, me and my daughter looked everywhere, but with no luck. Then I called the pub’s landlady to see if she’d seen my teeth anywhere and she promised to ring me back if they showed up”.

The truth dawned on her when she spotted Barney doing something in the garden. “I went into the back garden and there on the grass, next to Barney, was the little plastic pot. It was chewed to bits and completely empty”, exclaimed the dog’s owner, adding, “I can only imagine he’d swallowed the contents – he’s always been a terror for doing things like that. I’ve not got a single hairbrush that hasn’t been mouthed and mauled”.

Fortunately, Jayne can see the comical side of the incident, even though she can’t get any replacement gnashers just yet, explaining,  “I went to the dentist to get a new set moulded but they told me I’ll have to wait until the end of November”.

“Friends have said that, if I’m patient, Barney will probably poo my missing teeth back out before then – but I’m hardly going to rewear them after that, am I?”, she joked. “Lots of people are going through far worse as a result of the pandemic, so I’m determined not to let it get me down”.

Jayne really is a special kind of lady, she has seen the funny side of this incident, “And if me telling my story makes others smile then that can only be a good thing. In any case, because of Covid everyone’s wearing face masks these days. So it’s unlikely many will even notice my front teeth are missing at all”.


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