Javea taxpayers get a break

Javea taxpayers get a break
JAVEA REDUCTIONS: Mayor Jose Chulvi and Finance councillor Ximo Segarra announce rebates Photo credit: Javea town hall

JAVEA’s Finance councillor, Ximo Segarra, recently announced 2022’s tax breaks for local householders and residents.

There will be a 17 per cent reduction on IBI rates while the town hall confirmed that it is maintaining the 50 per cent reduction for large families.

Owners of residential properties who install offiially-approved systems using  thermal or solar energy can expect discounts of up to 25 per cent for three years, with a yearly maximum of €200.


The existing 75 per cent municipal car tax reduction for electric vehicles and 50 per cent for hybrids will continue throughout 2022, Segarra said.

“Thanks to modernising the town hall’s computer system, neither large families nor car-owners will need to re-apply for these rebates,” the councillor explained.

Municipal debts run up with the town hall can be re-paid in instalments of up to 24 months  with no need for a guarantor for debt deferments of up to €12,000.

Rubbish collection fees remain unchanged.

These reductions will bring a €3 million drop in Javea town hall’s 2022 earnings, Segarra said, although there would be no need to cut back on services, “owing to the municipality’s good financial health.”

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