Campaign to raise funds for Benalmadena’s Cudeca Foundation

Announcing the new campaign
Announcing the new campaign Credit: Malaga Provincial Council

ONE IN A MILLION campaign to raise funds for Benalmadena’s Cudeca Foundation following the sad demise of founder Joan Hunt.

When Joan Hunt felt that her own end was close, she left instructions asking that rather than with flowers, she be remembered through donations to Cudeca which is why they are launching a campaign called “One in a million” to try and inspire others to follow her example, albeit in a much more modest way.

The idea is to use some of the funds refurbish Joan’s house at Cudeca, where she lived her last years and which is next to the In-Patient Unit at the hospice in Benalmadena so that it becomes Room 10 in the hospitalisation unit.


The size and special characteristics of the house will allow the Foundation to offer better care to certain patients, such as children and teenagers, providing a private and home-like space for the whole family; or for people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, as the house was built to be accessible to people with reduced mobility.

The cost of refurbishing and equipping the house is €90,000 and patients using Room 10 will be cared for, according to their individual needs, by medical and nursing staff, a psychologist, physiotherapist, social worker, and cleaner/cook at an additional cost of €70,000 per annum.

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