Manacor says it’s the first green trade municipality in the Balearic Islands

Announcing the new Green campaign
Announcing the new Green campaign Credit: Manacor Council

MANACOR says it’s the first green trade municipality in the Balearic Islands as it is committed to responsible, local and waste-free consumption.

Along with the Rezero Foundation it is promoting a campaign to encourage shopping by residents in the municipality where they can make a purchase with sustainability criteria.

More and more people are adopting more environmentally responsible consumption models, which they buy without packaging but to make this change you need information and know the local shops that allow responsible consumption, free of packaging or with the minimum associated waste.


For the first time in the Balearic Islands, businesses will be identified making a sustainable offer and confirm they are committed to reducing single-use items in order to certify them as Green Trade, a certification at no cost to businesses and which began ten years ago in Catalonia and already has about 600 certified shops throughout the Principality.

From this Monday October 25, a team of educators from the Rezero Foundation visited the shops and markets of the municipality certifying those establishments that offer local products, fair trade or organic production and those that have reduced or replaced packaging, offering bulk products and promoting the use of returnable packaging.

Those that meet some of these characteristics will be certified as representing Green Commerce and can display a badge at the entrance of the establishments, whilst they will receive geolocation on the map of and promotion on social networks.

In order to eliminate disposable packaging and encourage the use of reusable items for daily purchase, a conscious consumption guide will be designed with information, advice and alternatives for the public.

The Manacor Council will also do all that it can to reduce waste throughout the Administration


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