Estepona Council will celebrate Halloween on Sunday October 31

Prepare to be scared
Prepare to be scared Credit: Pixabay

Estepona Council will celebrate Halloween on Sunday October 31, from 8 pm to midnight, with a party in the municipal booth at the fairground with a free party.

Suitable for a family audience, the Councillor responsible has indicated that the municipal booth will change its usual appearance to give way to “beings from beyond the grave and ghostly”, and that it will be filled with colourful costumes, pumpkins, skeletons, mummies and other decorative elements, that will take attendees to “the land of the most exciting and fun nightmares.”

Although a terrifying program it will be great fun for the whole family whose members must attend in costumer in order to enjoy a performance by the Malpaso band as well as experiencing a night full of music, dance and cinema, as well as DJ Michael Thin, with a screen full of video clips.


Among the activities organized for this event, a zombie dance show has been prepared, by the modern dance students of Laura and Sara Perea and another attraction will be the municipal theatre group Farándula, whose actors will an atmosphere of fear with their passage of terror.

The Council will raffle several collections of fantasy and horror movies compiled by the Cultural and Cinematographic Association of the Costa del Sol, “Unicorn”.

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