Shorter working week experiment demanded by Mallorca political party

Joan Mas ‘Collet’
Joan Mas ‘Collet’ Credit: MÉS for Mallorca

Shorter working week experiment demanded by Mallorca political party in order to make life better for employees in hospitality industry.

Not aligned to any traditional political party, MÉS for Mallorca has a number of seats in the Balearic Parliament and is able to push forward its own, sometimes radical, proposals.

On October 17, deputy leader and MP Joan Mas ‘Collet’ proposed that the National Government be invited to study as soon as possible the feasibility of the implementation in the Balearic Islands of a four-day working week, especially in the hospitality area which employs so many in the labour market.


“Working conditions in the hospitality industry are often inadequate and public administrations must be proactive in finding solutions” he explained and went on to argue that the application of the four-day working week “is an imperative in this sector.”

Mas added that “the fear of change must be overcome. Throughout history we have examples of profound changes in the labour market that were labelled inopportune or catastrophic, but became steps forward both economically and in improving working conditions.”

According to the MP, the initiative recognises that the health of workers, family reconciliation and even the degree of happiness with which workers face work are key elements in increasing their productivity and consequently increasing their productivity and the competitiveness of the companies for which they work.

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