DGT’s mandatory engine immobilisers will cost drivers around €1,000

DGT's mandatory engine immobilisers will cost drivers around €1,000
DGT's mandatory engine immobilisers will cost drivers around €1,000.

DGT’s new mandatory engine immobilisers will cost drivers around €1,000 to install

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) is determined in its effort to reduce the number of traffic accidents and subsequent victims on the roads of Spain. As a result, a new, mandatory anti-start breathalyser device, will reportedly come into operation from July 6, 2022.

This new law, which it is believed will come into force on the aforementioned date, was originally designed for the breathalyser system to be installed in vehicles that are in charge of transporting people.

But, the European Union is apparently insisting on taking it one step further, and applying the law to all private vehicles as well. Currently, it has been estimated that these devices could cost around €1,000 each to install in any vehicle.


The device is designed to stop anybody over the alcohol limit starting the engine

Despite its description, for the time being, the devices will not be able to include the system that measures the amount of alcohol in the blood. Thus, unless anything changes before next July, it would only be connected to the vehicle’s starting system.

The objective of this measure is to ensure that people who test positive in the breathalyser test can not start their car. As an argument in favour of this move, the DGT argues that during 2020, practically half of the fatalities in traffic accidents, specifically 48.7 per cent, exceeded the permitted alcohol rate.

The function of the device is that the car is blocked from starting if the allowed alcohol level is exceeded. This level is 0.25 mg/l in exhaled air, for regular drivers, and 0.15 mg/l for professional and novice drivers, as reported by laopiniondemalaga.es.


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  1. Gosh, what a good idea. With about 24,000,000 cars in Spain the cost will be approximately twenty four billion euros. The economics of this exercise look questionable when road deaths total less than 2000 per year and under half have any contribution by alcohol. Once again the EU is taking an overly heavy handed approach.

  2. Stop the stupid polticions. This would be another way of making money. What if a car is driven by different people? What happens if the Car is in service and the mechanic has to test drive it? If that happens then this breathalyser has to be installd as well on motorbikes and pedal bikes.

  3. Would a Government lie to you?

    The EU has mandated Vehicle Immobilizers to prevent or delay vehicle theft some time ago, your key ‘talks’ to the ignition lock.

    But the EU has NOT mandated Alcohol Interlocks!!

    Apart from some Nordic countries!!

    Even in those countries its a matter of treating recidivist drink drivers rather than revenue earning.

    Although Spain appears to view the motorist as a cash cow, with a ‘policy’ to increase Motoring Offense Revenue as a budgeting exercise, charging motorists by kilometer, and now the €1,000 Alcohol Interlock for everyone in the Audience.

    Hiding behind blaming the Eurocrats.


    Yes, until the Tourist Trade migrates to other sensible Sun Destinations!


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