The importance of tourism to Mallorca cannot be over-valued

Minister Iago Negueruela in Parliament
Minister Iago Negueruela in Parliament Credit: Twitter

THE importance of tourism to Mallorca cannot be over-valued in financial terms but a disagreement on how the hospitality industry was doing split the political parties in Parliament this Wednesday October 13.

The Minister of Economic Model, Tourism and Labour, Iago Negueruela, speaking for the Balearic Government was scathing about the intentions of the opposition Partido Popular (PP) who seemed to be bent on issuing negative messages on the situation.

He claimed in response to a question from PP member for Menorca Salomé Cabrera that her party had initially said that there would be no tourist visitors to the islands in 2021 and when that turned out to be untrue, they then complained that the season couldn’t be extended as proposed by Government.


Whilst it was accepted that a number of businesses had not survived the pandemic, it was still clear, according to the minister that many were now in a process of recovery and that actions taken by the Balearic Government had enabled this.

In response to a separate question from a spokesperson for the Ciudadanos party, Negueruela dismissed the suggestion that the summer had not been successful and rather than simply transferring visitors from July and August to the latter part of the year, the reality was that a different type of tourist was now visiting the islands.

Promotion of congresses such as those filling the capital from Spanish medical organisations and those interested in sports tourism were actually making up the numbers in the fourth quarter of the year.

It was noted that many hotels are closing for the winter but that was their decision and there are still a significant number open and welcoming new visitors both from the mainland and Europe.

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