Two very different and exciting events coming to Marbella

Scene from Isla
Scene from Isla Credit: D’Click Facebook

TWO very different and exciting events coming to Marbella during October and November from inventive photography to circus.

D’Click Circus Company

Award winning D’Click Circus Company is visiting Marbella on November 12 presenting Isla (The Island) in a show which is suitable for all ages.


With just three participants, combining Chinese Pole skills and acrobatics they create a world of their own based on a desert island following a shipwreck where they encounter unlikely situations and choose the most bizarre strategies to overcome the limits of their island.

The effect is magical, sometimes surprising and always entertaining as Ana Castrillo, Javier Gracia, Hugo Gauthier add humour to their performance which has won two circus awards since being created in 2017.

Aimed at the family, the show starts at noon on Sunday November 14 at the Marbella City Theatre with tickets costing just €6 online at

Enter the Cavern

RUNNING until October 21 the photographic exhibition ‘The Cavern’ by photographer David Tomé will be presented in the José Banús Foundation Multiple Use Room in Nueva Andalucia.

One of the numerous shadow images
One of the numerous shadow images
Credit: David Tomé

“The Cavern” is a twist on Plato’s myth of the cave, in which the Greek philosopher exposes through an allegory the existence of two worlds, one accessible through the senses and the other, deeper, through knowledge” explained the artist.

“In this work I emphasize the fundamental idea that lies behind the shadows, the reality that projects that blurred notion to which we can identify ourselves.

“Regardless of our realities, we all go through a world in which we are mere shadows, so we should be able to focus on what unites us instead of on the diversity of realities, which can only be glimpsed in a cursory way, and which should only be taken into account for what enriches us and not for what separates us” he added.

30 per cent of all funds raised will go to support the charity projects of Rotary San Pedro de Alcantara.

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