News in Brief – Costa de Almeria

News in Brief - Costa de Almeria
BENTARIQUE: 20-29 age group all vaccinated against Covid Photo credit: Jose A Montoro Cuadra

Needle phobia BENTARIQUE (population 243) has eight residents aged between 20 and 29 and all are double-jabbed against Covid. Bentarique’s 100 per cent compares with Turillas’ (population 233), where 17.4 per cent in this age group are fully-vaccinated followed by Lucainena de las Torres (population 546) with 16.4 per cent..

Rent-free THE Junta accepted Albox town hall’s offer of larger premises for the Employment Office at the Centro del Agua y Salud building. This is a sports centre with offices between the basement and first floor that the town hall is making available, rent-free, for the next 30 years.

Port project THE Junta’s Public Works, Infrastructures and Territorial Planning department is tendering a €3.207 million contract to remodel and develop Adra’s fishing port.  The project is 80 per cent financed by the Europe’s regional development fund (Feder) and once the contract has been awarded, should be completed within seven months.  


Answer needed ALMERIA UNIVERSITY’s long-requested Medical School now awaits a central government decision, said Roger Velasco who heads Andalucia’s Universities department. The Junta has confirmed its backing for the plan but meanwhile more than 100 would-be Medical students have had to leave Almeria province or opt for a private university. 

Price war APPROXIMATELY 200 agricultural growers and representatives from provincial fruit and vegetable companies staged a one-day strike last Friday and demonstrated near Almeria port, complaining about unfair competition. They called on the Administrations to comply with EU agreements regarding imports from third-party countries, particularly Morocco, which affected local prices.


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