Two finance companies denounced in Mallorca by Consubal

Alfonso Rodríguez president of Consubal
Alfonso Rodríguez president of Consubal Credit: Consubal Facebook

TWO finance companies in Mallorca denounced by Consubal (The Association of Consumers and Users of the Balearic Islands) for alleged harassment when trying to obtain payment for loans.

The complaints have been made to both the Data Protection Agency and the Bank of Spain against (in the first instance) Cetelem (part of Grupo PNB Paribas) and Pepper Money (which has its headquarters in Australia).

Consubal alleges that the way in which these two companies work is potentially illegal as not only do they appear to threaten those who have defaulted on loans but contact neighbours, friends and family discussing their business.


According to the president of Consubal, Alfonso Rodríguez they often phone at inconvenient times although they are only allowed to make calls to their clients between 8am and 9pm Monday to Friday.

Although the problem is much wider than just the Balearics, the situation has been made worse by the bankruptcy of dental clinic Dentix in 2020 as a number of loans had been obtained by individuals to pay for treatment which has never been given.

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