The amazing story of how breakfast cereal corn flakes were invented

The amazing story of how breakfast cereal corn flakes were invented
The amazing story of how breakfast cereal corn flakes were invented. image: wikipedia

THE amazing story of how what we now know as our breakfast cereal corn flakes were invented is fascinating

The amazing story of how corn flakes were invented starts in the year 1863, with one James Caleb Jackson, and a total accident. James was a doctor who was actually trying to create a food called ‘Granula’, in a bid to create a cookie that, when soaked in milk, would not break.

The doc had got tired of his cookies forever breaking up whenever they met up with milk, so he endeavoured to find a solution to this continual, and annoying problem. He ended up making food that was made from wheat flour, and then left to soak overnight before it could be eaten.

Noteworthy here is the fact that this exact same flour is the type that was used a few years later to manufacture the famous American sweet-flavoured graham crackers.


James not only aspired to creating a food that would not break in milk, but he was also looking to find a vegetarian alternative for his patients at the Danville Mental Hospital in New York. These two separate elements combined were going to create history, but he never knew that of course.

Many of the hospital’s patients were bored of the typical meat, bone, or gruel offerings they were given every day, and even though James’ basic version was nothing like we know it today, his patients ate it every day, and loved it, as unappetising as the food was.

This is when two brothers with a surname we all associate with breakfast cereals stepped into the story, who together, would brighten up everybody’s mornings.

Then came the Kellogg’s brothers, who defined history

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