England cricket chiefs could CANCEL Ashes tour of Australia

England cricket chiefs could CANCEL Ashes tour of Australia
England cricket chiefs could CANCEL Ashes tour of Australia. image: twitter

ENGLAND cricket chiefs could CANCEL Ashes tour of Australia which is scheduled to start on December 8 through to January 18, 2022

England cricket chiefs, the ECB Board, warned on Monday, October 4, that the 2021 Ashes Tour, due to take place in Australia between December 8, and January 18, 2022, could well be cancelled. This is of course due to coronavirus worries, and the travel restrictions that are currently in place.

A Zoom meeting between the players, management, and administrators has taken place. The result of the meeting reportedly reinforced the belief that many of England’s stars are feeling the pressure of the pandemic, what they are calling ‘bubble fatigue’.

Cancelling the iconic Ashes series of test matches is something that neither side will want to do, with it established as probably cricket’s most important Test Series. The Ashes competition was founded in 1882, and is played by cricket’s two oldest Test nations.


Cricket Australia stands to lose out on tens of millions if the event does get cancelled, with huge television coverage and revenue involved. It would be in their best financial interests for the series to go ahead.

It comes down to weighing up financial profit against the health of the players, but the Aussie government would somehow have to be seen as relaxing their ultra-strict coronavirus protocols to allow the whole England entourage into the country.

A statement from the England & Wales Cricket Board

A statement issued by the ECB said, “Over the weekend, we have been talking to England men’s players and management, to provide them with the latest information about the proposed arrangements for this winter’s scheduled Ashes tour. We remain in regular and positive dialogue with Cricket Australia over these arrangements, as the picture is constantly evolving”.

It continued, “With health and wellbeing at the forefront, our focus is to ensure the tour can go ahead with conditions for players and management to perform at their best. We will continue talking to our players this week to share the latest information and seek feedback”.

Concluding, “Later this week, the ECB Board will meet to decide whether the conditions in place are sufficient for the Tour to go ahead, and enable the selection of a squad befitting a series of this significance”.

Jos Buttler is one player who has voiced his opinion on taking part, while England captain, Joe Root, has refused to comment. Stuart Broad and Jimmy Anderson, the team’s two senior bowlers, along with Dan Lawrence, the Essex batsman, have all stated they are prepared to travel down under whatever the circumstances, as reported by thesun.co.uk.

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  1. Australia doesn’t have a covid problem, it has a corrupt government who have invoked horrendous lockdowns and who shut their eyes to extreme police brutality against anyone who does not comply with their “rules”. One Australian premier has recently resigned, with no argument whatsoever, after a fellow politician stated that he had information that proved that she and some colleagues had accepted millions of australian dollars from the pharmaceutical industry in return for pushing their jabs. I think that says it all…….It’s not a conspiracy theory by the way – it’s all over the international press if you look for it.


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