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Despite what the CO2 alarmists would have us believe

Despite what the CO2 alarmists would have us believe; our glorious planet has been warming up for thousands of years. Although the air polluting emissions released by the vehicles and factories of modern society are certainly unacceptable, the prophets of alarmist doom have managed to have us all running around like headless chickens in pursuit of worldwide solutions that are not only near impossible but, despite what Saint Greta and her followers would have us believe, rather like throwing a cup of water on a forest fire!

What we should be doing is concentrating on an adaptive response to the potential advantages of global warming. It is my belief that all things in creation have an equally positive and negative side – Ying Yang, Newton etc. If this were not the case the whole planet and all that reside on it would have disintegrated eons ago.

With this in mind, I decided to do a little research into the positive effects of so-called global warming. The results were eye opening to say the least. According to reports some 70 countries or more stand to gain by the changes in our climate. In the main, countries that exist further to the north of the planet are those set to benefit the most.


Russia’s Siberia and Alaska could likely become vast fertile areas that could be developed at extremely reasonable cost. China would also profit by bringing rain to its northern drought areas and easing the flooding in the south. Canada, most of the Netherlands, Iceland and even North Korea are all set to benefit as the earth’s temperature warms up. Unfortunately, most of Europe and the southern most parts of the USA don’t fare so well.

Flooding, monsoons, tornadoes, crippling heatwaves and severe weather fluctuations will be the order of the day. None of this is a present-day phenomenon. Human civilisation goes back some 10,000 years or so. Over the last 400,000 years, long before we started changing the planet, there have been several periods of warming and cooling.

Ice core readings show that CO2 measurements have at times been 10 per cent higher than current levels, with global temperatures similar and even lower than they are today. There is simply no correlation between the two events. Left wing and Liberal governments believe power to stop climate change rests in controlling people. Their solutions to the problems always give more power to ever growing government bureaucracy.

Well, I don’t buy it. While we are succumbing to the pathetic brainwashed protesters and snarling Thunberg demonstrations, the West is slowly but surely being taken over by Eastern forces attacking from all sides and on all levels. Our enemies – using every opportunity to take advantage of our ridiculous mistaken priorities are infiltrating Western civilisation at a far more dangerous rate than global warming or CO2 emissions. Time to wake up and tackle the true problems that threaten our existence on this wonderful planet.

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy,
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  1. It is dangerous to allow a columnist as ignorant as Leapy Lee to comment on things of such importance as climate change. If he really had done any “research”, he would be aware of the tipping points that render his predictions ludicrously naive.
    The switching off of the Gulf Stream is one such tipping point. As Arctic ice melts, it dilutes the saltiness of the Atlantic, interfering with the process that keeps the system running. Once the Gulf Stream stops – and it’s already becoming unstable – most of those countries he describes as future paradises will become uninhabitable frozen wastelands.
    And who are these “Eastern forces attacking from all sides and on all levels”? I guess he’s referring to China, but boy does that comment reveal his lack of knowledge when it comes to geopolitics. It is not China that has just assembled a naval coalition to intimidate a country on the other side of the world.
    If he believes he knows better than 99% of scientists and 99% of geopolitical experts, can Leapy at least back up his assertions with firm arguments; something other than “I think it, so it must be true”. I’ve no doubt some of your readers believe his foolish nonsense (which I suppose is the only reason you keep publishing such rubbish).


    There is a great deal of mass hysteria around electric vehicles because they are seen to be environmentally friendly and cause less or no pollution. This is a non-sense.

    It takes the same amount of energy to move an electric vehicle as it does to move a vehicle powered by any other means.

    Most electricity is generated by coal fired powered stations. As electric vehicles proliferate more and more electricity will be required which will mean more and more power stations will be required. Thus power station pollution will dramatically increase.

    The result is that the pollution is not going away it is simply being moved out of the cities to the power stations. People in the cities will benefit and “feel good”. Pollution will actually be increased with increased damage to the environment.

    This does not only apply to coal powered Power Stations it applies to every other type of power generation. All have serious environmental problems both in their construction and waste management.

    Solar and Wind generated electricity cause enormous environment problems through their manufacturing and disposal when discarded in addition to the destruction of birds, wildlife, and the environment in general.

    The manufacturing processing in itself causes pollution. How much damage is caused by the manufacturing of the huge quantity of batteries with their toxic chemicals and extra environment destroying mining required for the materials. What happens to all this when discarded? Similarly, how much pollution is caused in the manufacturing and eventual scrapping of the solar windmills and panels?

    The serious worldwide pollution and environmental destruction is not a “problem” it is a symptom.

    There is only one problem which is the cause of all of the symptoms we are experiencing and that is OVER POPULATION. No one is addressing this. It is a problem that dare not speak it’s name.

    It is not being discussed by governments (politicians), churches, organisations, etc. NO-ONE has the courage to even hint at this as being THE single most serious problem facing the world and its environment!


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