Quick catch up with latest news in brief across Mallorca

A big ladder to remove a wasp’s nest Credit: Bombers de Palma
A big ladder to remove a wasp’s nest Credit: Bombers de Palma

A QUICK catch up with latest news in brief across Mallorca compiled for you by Euro Weekly News.

Wasp’s nest

SOMETIMES mundane tasks can cause the greatest amount of work as the Palma Fire Brigade discovered when asked if they would remove a wasp’s nest from the eaves of a building. As it was top of a multi-storey building, they had to bring out their longest ladder!


Pedestrian area

Work has started to transform the Plaza Quadrado in Palma into a pedestrian area and this is the second step in the “Palma Camina” Plan, which as part of the Sustainable Mobility Area, which prohibits or restricts traffic in different parts of the square.

Lucky number

THERE were a number of happy ONCE lottery winners in Palma following the draw on Friday September 24 and although no-one took home the biggest cash prize, in total €225,000 was collected by lucky purchasers who appear to have obtained their tickets from the same outlet.

Ambulance strike

THREE unions representing workers for different arms of the Balearic health transport service have called two, two hour long strikes on Thursday September 30 with a threat of possibly extending this indefinitely if a pay settlement cannot be reached although emergency coverage will still carry on.


HAVING spent four days at port in Monaco, coinciding with the Monaco Yacht Show, one of the world’s largest superyachts Artefact which was built in 2020 and sails under the flag of the Marshall Islands docked in Palma on Monday September 27 according to vesselfinder.com.

Vulture chicks

ABOUT now black vulture chicks start to emerge from their nests on cliffs but as they are still young and quite clumsy, some try to take to flight but end up in the ocean unable to save themselves unless a friendly sailor comes to their aid.

Roman remains

ARCHAEOLOGICAL work has now started on uncovering and discovering more about the Roman era site recently found on the Cami de la Vinyeta in Deia and will last until Thursday October 14 with the intention of offering public guided tours after that date.

Sci Fi day

ON October 3, Friends of Science Fiction and the Llucmajor Council are organising a charity day from 10 am to 8pm with plenty to do for all science fiction fans. Actor Bernard Bullen, who plays Din Djarin’s father in the Mandalorian will be signing autographs.

Live trip

NAMED Live trip, the Pollensa Council arranged for nine influencers from across Spain to spend several days in the town meeting with different people and learning about the history, gastronomy, traditions and businesses in the municipality in order to promote Pollensa as an ideal tourist destination.

World champion

MALÉN SART received a warm welcome from Binissalem Council as he returned to the town having taken the honours in both the individual and team competitions in the XXXII World Underwater Fishing Championship held in Sardinia, Italy adding to his previous triumphs in fishing competitions.

100 up

ANOTHER Mallorcan centenarian, this time living in Muro, has been congratulated and given flowers by the local Council. Madrid Antonia Pons Payeras was born on September 23 in 1921 and so joins the relatively large number of those who have reached 100 on the island.

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