Boxer Amir Khan ejected from flight by police in facemask row

Boxer Amir Khan ejected from flight by police in facemask row
Boxer Amir Khan ejected from flight by police in facemask row. image: twitter amir khan

BOXER Amir Khan was removed from an American Airlines flight by the police after an argument over a facemask not being worn correctly

Boxer Amir Khan posted a video on Twitter today, Saturday, September 18, clearly upset as he explained what had happened to cause him to be removed from an American Airlines flight earlier today, after an incident involving facemasks, while he was on a flight taking him from New York to head to his training camp in Colorado Springs where he is due to go into training for his fight with old foe Kell Brook.

The 34-year-old former world champion explained that the incident came about as the result of one of the airline staff complaining that his colleague was wearing his facemask incorrectly, and the two of them were subsequently removed from the aircraft by police officers.


Khan said in his Twitter video, “I was taken off the plane today when I was going to training camp in Colorado Springs by police. A complaint was made by American Airlines staff, they said my colleague’s mask was not high enough and not up, that they had to stop the plane and take me and my friend off when I did nothing wrong”.

“They kicked us both off. I was sat at 1A, and he was sat in 1B. I find it disgusting and disrespectful, I was supposed to go to Colorado Springs for a training camp and now I’m back in New York for another day, and I have to reschedule another plane to travel back to training camp”.

“It’s really upsetting, there was no reason, and I’m so disgusted that American Airlines would do this and ban me from travelling. There must be cameras that they can see to see if I or my colleague were bad in any way or caused. a scene in any way. I’ve never seen this happen before and I’m heartbroken”, as reported by


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  1. Greetings from the US. I was on the flight from which Khan was ejected.

    Khan and his friend refused to wear masks properly, refused to stow luggage, refused to put their cell phones in airplane mode.

    Obviously Khan doesn’t understand that the rules apply to him, and that though he might think he is special, in the US he is just another person who MUST COMPLY WITH AIRLINE RULES.

    If you can’t make your UK citizens behave, keep them out of the US. We don’t need this sort of behavior in our country.

    • Hi Jafar, thanks for taking the time to write to me.
      What actually happened? Was the flight already in the air when the problem arose, or was it still on the ground, as there is no actual coverage of that point.
      Can you prove to me that you were on that flight, a copy of your boarding card or something, as I would obviously like to follow up on this article if what you are saying is correct – as he has been complaining so much about it, and how he was mistreated – but not unless I have substantiated proof before I do it.
      Thank you.


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