Sierra Bermeja: Family & animals seeks funds after fire ordeal

Animals Sierra Bermeja

A family and their animals suffered a terrifying ordeal during the recent wildfire that devastated the Sierra Bermeja area. Paulina and Jan Biran’s property in Jubrique is home to 27 dogs, 15 cats, three horse and two donkeys, who were all previously rescued from difficult situations.

When the fire grew out of control, the family faced a race against time to evacuate the animals. They later returned to find much damage. Amongst the items lost were €2000 worth of hay. Their car also suffered fire damage when it was used to transport 4 people and 17 dogs through the flames.

The good news is that the Sierra Bermeja fire is out and all the animals are now safe thanks to the actions of the family, and the help of the emergency services and many unsung heroes who offered help following a plea on social media. However, the family needs funds to ensure all the animals can all be given food and water in the coming weeks.


If you can help out, you can make a donation here:

Jan Kenneth Biran

Iban: SE17 6000 0000 0005 5145 7651


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