The Mallorca Hospitality Industry doesn’t exist on tourist visits alone

The Congress Palace
The Congress Palace Credit: Palma Palau de Congressos

THE Mallorca Hospitality Industry doesn’t exist on tourist visits alone and for years, Palma Palau de Congressos has attracted large number of professional visitors to specialist conferences.

These are particularly important as they attract people in the category of senior executives and medical practitioners, for example, who have the ability to spend significant amounts of money without causing the noise and mayhem that younger groups can be responsible for.

The pandemic saw a very quick cancellation of conferences and exhibitions as flights were controlled, the pandemic was raging, hotels were closed and people were scared to travel.


Slowly but surely however the congress business is beginning to return and although so far this year, these are mainly aimed at Spanish nationals, their money is as good as anyone else’s.

As the Balearic Government encourages members of the hospitality industry to stay open and extend the season until at least November, the Congress Palace has confirmed that it will be hosting three medical congresses during September and October.

Each will last between three and four days with a combination of virtual and face to face events with an expected total audience of around 5,000 medical professionals taking part.

That is certainly a large number of beds being filled, taxis being booked and meals being consumed, generating money for Palma and not forgetting the gifts that have to be taken home for partners.

If as we all hope, the pandemic is now to a great extent under control, these international congress meetings can only increase in number during 2022, filling a very useful hole when the summer tourists are not in Mallorca.

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