Manchester Airport bosses slam ‘complex’ travel system

Manchester Airport bosses slam 'complex' travel system
Manchester Airport bosses slam 'complex' travel system Credit: Pixabay

Manchester Airport bosses slam ‘complex’ travel system and call for a simple two-tier travel system to be implemented.

Manchester airport has revealed that passenger numbers have dropped by over 70 per cent. They have blamed the government’s complex travel system and their lack of decisiveness for the slow recovery of the airport.

Charlie Cornish, Group Chief Executive at Manchester Airport, said: “Fully-vaccinated British residents can only look on in envy as people across Europe enjoy the freedom to travel easily to low-risk holiday destinations.


“With restrictions almost entirely removed across the UK, now is the time to give people back those freedoms to explore, relax and visit loved ones.

“The UK’s over-cautious and unnecessarily complex traffic light system is confusing to customers and places needless barriers in the way of them booking travel.

“The impact that is having on our sector is clear, with traffic levels recovering at a much greater rate across Europe than here in the UK.

“Meanwhile, the rest of the economy has been opened-up to those who are double-jabbed, leaving travel as the only sector whose recovery is being held back for no logical reason.

“A simpler, more sensible approach to international travel must be adopted as soon as possible, and Government has the opportunity to deliver that in response to proposals put forward by MAG and others in our sector in the weeks ahead.”

In other aviation news, Ryanair initiates forced sale of shares due to Brexit. Since brexit UK citizens have been prevented from buying stock in Ryanair, although some people have still managed to do so.

Ryanair Holdings have announced in a stock exchange disclosure that they have initiated the forced sale of some shares. This applies to shares that were bought by United Kingdom nationals or on their behalf, since the beginning of this year.

Ryanair Holdings is the parent company of Ryanair, Malta Air, Buzz, and Lauda Europe. Where people managed to purchase shares that they should not have, Ryanair had classified them as “restricted shares” and asked buyers to hand them over to EU nationals.

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