Drunk woman left mortified after checking inside her ‘clutch bag’

Drunk woman left mortified after checking inside her 'clutch bag'
Drunk woman left mortified after checking inside her 'clutch bag' Credit: Pixabay

Drunk woman left mortified after checking inside her ‘clutch bag’ after a night out.

One woman was left mortified after she grabbed a lift home with her friend’s mum and the next morning she discovered her clutch bag was missing. She soon realised that she had been that drunk after the night out that she had managed to pick up the car’s logbook which was in a grey leather Nissan pouch.

The woman’s sister would not let her forget it, and sister Rebekka soon took to social media to post the blunder. She shared a photo of the logbook on Twitter which went viral.


Sister Rebekka captioned the image saying: “My sister got so drunk last night, she got a lift home with a friends mum and she thought she picked up her clutch bag but instead she’s taken the car logbook.”

The story soon made it over to Instagram too and went viral there as well.

One amused person said: “That’s brilliant! My sister once took home a hanging basket and left her bag outside the pub.”

Another said: “This is undoubtedly one of the funniest things I’ve seen.”

Many people started to share their own drunken stories too, and join in with the fun.

One social media user said: “This reminds me of the time I was so drunk, I dropped my wallet in a kebab shop and picked up a piece of donna meat in its place. I only notice when trying to pay for the taxi and the driver was unimpressed. Ended up having to give him the keys to my car as payment.”

Another person commented that: “My friend was so off her face on God knows what, she went home and realised she’d lost her handbag. She went all the way back for the security guard to tell her it was over her shoulder.”

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