Different Councils in Mallorca disagree about terraces

Llucmajor will keep terraces until December Credit: Llucmajor Council

DIFFERENT Councils in Mallorca disagree about terraces on roads the continuation of using roads as terraces by bars and restaurants.

Palma Council has indicated that due to numerous complaints from members of the public and businesses it plans to stop bars and restaurants using parking spaces as terraces.

It would appear that the City Council expects that the restriction on the number of people able to utilise the interior of hospitality businesses will continue to be eased, which means that these extended terraces will become unnecessary.


Parking is often problematic in the city and therefore whilst it may not be good new for those who have expanded onto the roads, it will be welcomed by those who need to park their cars.

In complete contrast, the mayor of Llucmajor Éric Jareño has announced that his Council has decided to maintain its commitment to allow 100 per cent of the terraces of bars and restaurants that occupy parking spaces and other spaces on the public road to remain until December 31.

This measure, explained Jareño, “is a commitment made to the hospitality sector, one of many that has been severely affected by the pandemic.”

He added that “now that it seems that the situation is improving and we are gradually returning to normal, it is time to really bet on economic recovery and support them as it is our responsibility now is to support those who make efforts to create jobs and those who have a small business and have had such a bad time for so long.”

Owners who take advantage of this offer, will however continue to pay an agreed rate for occupation of the public road.

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