Spanish government forces an increase in gas reserves to avoid blackouts

Spanish government forces an increase in gas reserves to avoid blackouts
Spanish government forces an increase in gas reserves to avoid blackouts Credit: Pixabay

Spanish government forces an increase in gas reserves to avoid blackouts this winter.

The government in Spain is preparing for winter and the high energy prices that are expected to be seen. The minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, is hoping to avoid scares due to shortages of natural gas like those seen when storm Filomena hit.

The Ministry of Ecological Transition has made the decision to modify the Winter Plan. This has not been updated since 2017, and with the plan she will ensure that gas suppliers have to increase their reserves. The reserves will have to increase by more than 20 per cent next January.


Suppliers are currently obliged to store 3.5 days’ worth of reserve gas and this will increase to 4.5 days for January. It is also possible that once the National Markets and Competition Commission’s report is released the reserve quantity obligations will be increased even further.

According to El Economista, “The ministry also imposes 1.5 days for November; 2.5 days for December; 3.5 days in February and 1.5 days for March.”

It is hoped that these new reserve quotas will ensure that problems seen last winter as Filomena hit do not occur this winter. It is also expected that these measures will help reduce the risk of gas supplies being cut. Additionally, is possible that the increased reserves may help regulate prices in the electricity market too.

In other Spanish news, Judge authorises mother to vaccinate her children against the ongoing coronavirus pandemic against their father’s wishes.

This is one of the first rulings which has been handed down in Spain regarding children being vaccinated when divorced parents disagree over the course of action to be taken.

The 51st Court of First Instance of Barcelona has ruled in favour of a mother who wanted her two teenage children to be vaccinated against the coronavirus pandemic. Her ex-husband did not want the children to be vaccinated with any of the vaccines that are available at the moment. He also wanted them to miss out on any diagnostic tests for Covid carried out by their school.

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