Two women detained in connection with octogenarian’s death

Two women detained in connection with octogenarian’s death
Two women detained in connection with octogenarian’s death Credit: Guardia civil

Two women have been detained in connection with an octogenarian’s death, and the Guardia civil have called on other potential victims to come forward.

The Guardia civil have managed to arrest two women in connection with the death of an elderly man. The man died in February after having been a victim of a robbery which involved both violence and intimidation.

Operation ‘Chavito’ led to the arrest of two women who are allegedly responsible for the crimes of robbery with violence and intimidation and also homicide.


The shocking death occurred two days after the elderly man had been robbed and drugged. Sadly, he died at hospital in San Javier.

Officers from the Guardia civil were able to discover that the man had been out walking when he was approached by two women who made sexual advances towards him. The women took the elderly man to a rural area before allegedly drugging him and then leaving him abandoned after they had taken his money.

As reported La Noncion, after the man was left “far from inhabited areas and with little vehicle traffic, he walked until he reached a secondary road where he was helped by a driver who alerted the 112 medical services. Due to his physical condition, he was taken to a hospital in San Javier, where he died two days later.”

The Guardia civil believed the death to be suspicious, so requested that the body was exhumed.  Officers from the Guardia civil also found another person who had been a victim of the two women, and appeared to have been drugged too.

The Guardia civil have called on other possible victims to come forward.


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