Specialists warn of toxic forest fire smoke due to Sierra Bermeja blaze

Specialists warn of toxic forest fire smoke due to Sierra Bermeja blaze
Specialists warn of toxic forest fire smoke due to Sierra Bermeja blaze Credit: Twitter

Specialists warn of the dangers of toxic forest fire smoke due to the Sierra Bermeja blaze.

Experts have warned that smoke from forest fires can have negative health effects. The smoke which forest fires produce contains fine particles which are produced as organic materials and wood is burned. The smoke also contains gases too.

The head of the Pneumology Service at Hospital Quironsalud Marbella, Dr Jose Maria Ignacio Garcia has warned of the health risks that this can cause. He said: “These microscopic particles pose a health threat because they can cause problems when they reach the eyes and respiratory system. In the case of people with chronic heart and lung diseases, their diagnoses can be aggravated.”


The doctor has warned that people near the fire or the smoke produced by it should take care and wear protective masks to protect their health.

“Those people who are near a fire or in the radius of influence of the column of smoke generated should use FFP2 and FFP3 masks whose level of protection prevents the inhalation of particles from the fire. In these cases, the surgical mask is not effective.” he said.

The smoke is not expected to affect the entire population in the same manner as elderly people and children are more vulnerable to the smoke. According to Quironsalud Marbella people exposed to the wildfire smoke could experience multiple symptoms including burning eyes, a runny nose, coughing, phlegm and wheezing.

The doctor added: “People with lung diseases may notice a loss of strength when breathing or even difficulty in breathing in.”

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