Spanish designer brand accused of cultural appropriation

Spanish designer brand accused of cultural appropriation
Spanish designer brand accused of cultural appropriation Credit: Pixabay

Spanish designer brand Balenciaga accused of cultural appropriation. The luxury $1,190 sweatpants made by Balenciaga have caused much controversy.

The ‘Tropme-L’oeil’ grey sweatpants come in at an astonishing price and come complete with an exposed boxer short which is built in over the waistband. This is something made famous during the 90s in hip-hop culture.

The design can be spotted at Selfridge’s and caused much controversy after TikTok user @mr200m__ posted on social media.


The TikTok user’s real name is Josiah Hyacinth. He posted a video where he commented on the sweatpants and said: ‘This feels racist. This feels very racist, guys’

‘They have woven these boxers inside the trousers.’

The video has been viewed over one and a half million times and was captioned: ‘You know when something feels racist @sxbwxyy I have questions.’

One user took to social media to backup Hyacinth’s views and said: ‘Black men being discriminated against and devalued for sagging pants and Balenciaga is profiting off the style. Crazy how it’s ghetto until they put a price on it.’

Another user agreed that the sweatpants were a bad idea and said: ‘Sooooo @BALENCIAGA has made pants with underwear tops sewn into the pants to create a ‘sagging’ look… men have been targeted for years for actually sagging…who tf told them this was a good idea…I swear these companies do stuff like this to garner attention.’

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