Proud Elche

Proud Elche
REJECTING HOMOPHOBIA: Elche’s mayor and Equality councillor supported the city’s collectives Photo credit: Elche city hall

ELCHE streets reflected all the colours of the rainbow as the city celebrated Elx Orgullosa (Elche Pride) 2021.

City mayor Carlos Gonzalez and Equality, Social Rights and Inclusive Policies councillor Mariano Valera joined the procession that began in Plaça dels Ageps and ended in Plaça de Baix.

Although the atmosphere was festive, there was also rejection of the increased violence towards the LGTBI community that was referred to in the manifesto read out by the Elche singer-songwriter Alba Reche.


As well as calling for comprehensive Trans and LGTBI laws at state level, the manifesto  denounced the “worrying homophobic drift” that has developed in recent months.

“There is still a long way to go before the total inclusion of the LGTBI community can be guaranteed,” the manifesto maintained.

“In a complicated situation with homophobic outbreaks in the rest of the country, Elche sets an example of tolerance towards its residents of all ages,” the mayor stressed, after thanking Alba Reche and all those taking part in the event.

“Respecting diversity signifies building a free society, a municipality where all can live together peacefully and safely,” Gonzalez said.

Mariano Valero was equally firm in rejecting the current epidemic of homophobia. “We have to stop it by shouting ever-louder that they can’t stop us,” he declared.


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