Workers rescue a cow trapped in a tree after Hurricane Ida

Workers rescue a cow trapped in a tree after Hurricane Ida
Workers rescue a cow trapped in a tree after Hurricane Ida Credit: St. Bernard Parish Government

Workers rescue a cow trapped in a tree after Hurricane Ida. Employees from St. Bernard Parish set out to rescue the cow that had strangely become trapped up in a tree.

Sadly, hurricane Ida hit Louisiana hard. It swept through and brought with it life-threatening floods that have affected many people and even washed away homes.

In one bizarre scene though, a cow was left up in a tree over the floodwater. Employees from St. Bernard Parish in Louisiana quickly swung into action and set about figuring out how to get the cow down from the tree safely.


In the end the workers ended up standing there nearly up to their waists in the water. One person yelled out instructions as he stood there with a machete while the other man used a chainsaw to carefully cut branches, to free the cow.

In other shocking flood news, torrential rains leave drivers trapped and homes flooded in Spain’s Tarragona.

Torrential rains caused by the DANA have left residents in Tarragona’s Alcanar trapped in vehicles and with flooded houses and business premises. Shocking scenes of the flooding have been seen across social media and have been posted by the fire brigade too.

The worst part of the storm is thought to have hit on September 1, at around midday in Tarragona, and the town worst hit was Alcanar. Many drivers found routes closed to traffic after driving became impossible. Both the AP-7 and the N-238 (at the height of Vinaroz in Castellon) had to be closed to traffic.

A total of 162 litres per square metre were shockingly recorded in Alcanar, this is beyond what can be considered torrential. At the peak of the storm at around 12.30pm and in the space of only a few minutes, around 32 litres per square metre were recorded.


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